When software development moved from traditional SDLC to Agile, its goal was faster delivery to end users. It clearly served the purpose, because it did not take long for organizations world-over to jump on this bandwagon. This adoption also transformed the DevOps team to its current state.

Integration and deployment automation became commonplace in development organizations to help DevOps team in meeting the ever-increasing demand for delivering new features and fixes to production.

While this paradigm shift was taking place, security teams were seated on the sidelines waiting to be called upon when stakeholders needed a penetration test. Agile teams…

Apache ActiveMQ is the most popular open source Java-based messaging server. It supports a variety of Cross Language Clients and Protocols such as Java, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python and PHP. This cross-language compatibility of ActiveMQ makes it an ideal message broker in a microservice architecture.

ActiveMQ provides a channel to store messages that are supposed to be passed around to various services. This channel can be configured to manage messages in two ways: Queues or Topics.

In the Queue architecture, only one client (Consumer) will receive the message sent by the sending client (Producer).

In the Topic architecture…


  1. Open Source Libraries are great, they are free. But, they can be a nightmare if vulnerabilities in them are not managed effectively.
  2. You accrue Security Debt by installing seemingly free open source libraries.
  3. Least you can do to manage this risk better is using a solution that scans your codebase periodically for vulnerable libraries.

Can you imagine writing a decent-sized application using only native libraries provided by your language? No external dependencies. Do you think you would be able to pull off such a stunt? …

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/QsOEYVZvUiI

Storing unstructured data in the form of files is a basic requirement for all web applications. This data can include images, documents, videos, music, etc. Traditionally, application developers store files like these on the server’s local filesystem.

It fulfils the urgent requirement, but scaling up with a storage model like this can be difficult. There are a few caveats to this method of file storage.

Let’s consider this situation: You are hosting a web application which is running on a Linux server on the cloud. Your application requires users to upload a profile picture and resume. …

In modern organizations, applications are broken down into services that can be independently developed, deployed and maintained. These services run as autonomous processes and communicate with each other through APIs. The service owner can choose a programming language that is most effective to solve the specific problem at hand, irrespective of what language other services are built in.

This also makes scaling easier, because organizations can choose to scale the components that are being used to their full capacity, instead of scaling the whole application. Such an architecture is called the microservice architecture.

Microservice Architecture

The real power of a microservice architecture…

We all have entities in our minds which we refer to as Selves. What a Self truly is, we cannot completely define. There are numerous definitions that multiple persons would put forward yet they are true only the to person uttering it. We should not try to narrow down Self to a tiny definition because it generally does more harm than good while defining things we don’t understand.

This self is responsible for thinking, enjoying, suffering, wanting, deciding and all such actions that appear involuntary for us, that take place without too much visible effort on our part.

Only In…

Calamities that take place in a man’s life are necessary for his growth. When calamities strike, we feel suffering, we feel that the most essential person or thing in our life has been take away from us. We cry in indignation. But this loss has a hidden agenda for the people affected by it. The years that follow remedy the pain. Time heals everything they say. But at the other end of that time, a new epoch begins. We are forced to get out of our comfort zones and get talking to people or put ourselves in situations which we have not thought of before. This new formation of relations & experiences prove important in the coming time.

I am an avid Dropbox Paper user and use it mostly for journaling & content collaboration. In June Dropbox introduced this horrible sticky toolbar at the bottom of the page.

The Anti-Climax Toolbar

The thing I subconsciously liked about Dropbox Paper was the generous use of whitespace on the screen. The screen looked analogous to a clean page on a notebook that allowed thoughts to flow freely. But, this stupid piece of shitty sticky toolbar that Paper introduced feels like a blot of ink spilled on my clean notebook. …

When I was walking to office yesterday, I had a vision. I saw robots walking in the streets alongside me. I saw that these robots had started to believe the world around to be true. They were walking along the streets interacting with each other. They have baby robots walking alongside. Some robots had started trading essential commodities for other robots to buy. Then I looked up and I saw an eye, an eye watching this world of robots. This eye probably belonged to the human/creature/species/God who created this robot universe just for the fun of it and he is…

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

When tobacco companies started selling cigarettes, they had a very clear goal. They wanted to hook users into this habit. Once hooked it is very difficult to go back. As more and more people enter this habit, their profits soar. Same goes for alcohol and other habit-forming drugs. They are dangerous.

That was the time when companies had to rely on atoms for getting users into a habit, and now companies are using bits to get users into habits and snatch their attention from them without them being aware that their attention is being sold to other businesses. What is…

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