We all have entities in our minds which we refer to as Selves. What a Self truly is, we cannot completely define. There are numerous definitions that multiple persons would put forward yet they are true only the to person uttering it. …

Calamities that take place in a man’s life are necessary for his growth. When calamities strike, we feel suffering, we feel that the most essential person or thing in our life has been take away from us. We cry in indignation. But this loss has a hidden agenda for the people affected by it. The years that follow remedy the pain. Time heals everything they say. But at the other end of that time, a new epoch begins. We are forced to get out of our comfort zones and get talking to people or put ourselves in situations which we have not thought of before. This new formation of relations & experiences prove important in the coming time.

I am an avid Dropbox Paper user and use it mostly for journaling & content collaboration. In June Dropbox introduced this horrible sticky toolbar at the bottom of the page.

The Anti-Climax Toolbar

The thing I subconsciously liked about Dropbox Paper was the generous use of whitespace on the screen. The screen looked…

Amey Anekar

Security Analyst aka Triager @HackerOne. Curious. Minimalist.

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